This is great because it's been a constant talking point in regards to masks.


Would everyone like to share this once please. It indicates that the person wearing it is deaf or hard of hearing and in...

Posted by Christine Graham on Tuesday, October 6, 2020

When masks became commonplace back at the beginning of the pandemic, a lot of people were expressing concern for those who are hearing impaired. Part of the solution to this problem was to create masks that have windows so that people who are hard-of-hearing or wear hearing aids can read lips.

Prime Dress Designs via

You can purchase the mask above HERE on Etsy.

Now, online sellers are offering stickers that people who are hearing impaired can wear directly ON their masks. Redbubble is offering the stickers below in different sizes for everything from masks to water bottles.


It indicates that the person wearing it is deaf or hard of hearing and in some cases wears a hearing aid. In these times (when wearing mouth masks) it is impossible to lip-read, which makes it extra difficult. There is little point in wearing the sign if half the people don't know what it means. The deaf and hard of hearing will thank you.

I have a couple of friends who wear hearing aids, and this is a fantastic idea. The stickers also come on t-shirts and other items, aside from stickers for masks. The stickers above are sold on Redbubble by CreativeWorld96.

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