Saying goodbye to the Wings at Joe Louis Arena will set you back quite a bit more than sending the Pistons off at The Palace.

Both teams are set to close the doors on their current homes in the next few days.  The Wings play their final home game this Sunday (April 9th) against the New Jersey Devils.  The Pistons end an era at The Palace of Auburn Hills Monday (April 10th) against The Wizards.

It's a weird coincidence that the two teams will leave their long time homes so closely to each other, only to eventually become roommates.  One of the craziest things about the final games, is the price difference.

To see the Red Wings play their last game at The Joe, the cheapest ticket on StubHub is running at $220.

The cheapest ticket on StubHub for the Pistons final game at the Palace is only $23!

Why the drastic price difference?

Both teams have won championships in their current buildings.  Both teams have had stretches where you couldn't buy tickets because they were consistently sold out.  Both teams are almost unwatchable right now.

The Joe definitely has history on it's side, but do you think the tickets should really be $200 more?

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