Eminem is teaming up with the Detroit Pistons once again for some special edition NBA Remix apparel.

Eminem has worked with the Pistons many times before and even helped open up LCA for the Pistons' first season in Downtown Detroit. Now he is teaming up with The Pistons, Bleacher Report, and designers Mitchell & Ness for a new NBA Remix jersey.

This will be the second Detroit Pistons NBA Remix jersey released. The first was put together with the help of another Detroit hip-hop star, Big Sean.

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The full image of the jersey still has not been released, but you are able to preorder one of the Eminem NBA Remix Detroit Pistons jerseys starting on Thursday. When you click the link, remember that you'll have to sign in, or create an account, to preorder.

Don't be surprised if the jersey sells out within minutes of preorder opening though. The Big Sean NBA Remix jersey sold out in a matter of minutes.

I'm going to step out of my lane here for a minute as I am neither a rapper nor a fashion designer. I have to point out how odd it is that they have chosen to go back to the Pistons horse logo for the Eminem remix jersey.

Every Piston fan knows that the horse jersey days were among the darkest days for a Pistons fan. Not to mention that the teal uniforms were just ugly as sin.

Knowing how Eminem likes to buck the norm though, that might be the exact reason they all chose to feature the teal horse uniforms. No matter what it looks like in the end, I can promise that it will sell out in minutes, so make sure to be fast when you are trying to preorder.


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