A win is a win and we'll take this one for sure. With Michigan being known  for it's Great Lakes and 10,000 plus inland lakes, it's no surprise we find ourselves on list of "America's Greatest Party Lakes for Drinking on a Boat This Summer" list compiled  by Thrillist.

With a summer full of shark encounters on oceans around the country hitting an attack a day, the lake is a safe place to party. Michiganders really didn't  need a list to prove we have some of the best summer memories ever made on the water, but one lake in particular made the best of the best list. Here's what they had to say about our own Lake Saint Clair:

"With an average depth of 11 feet, LSC is ripe for boat parties and home to Jobbie Nooner, a water-based Mardi Gras that happens twice a year and boasts its fair share of booze, toplessness, and massive crowds."

Big Muscamoot Bay offers up some adult only floating parties as well as beaches full of live music and dancing. You can even get pizza delivered right on the water as to not interrupt your daily dose of partying.

Not too shabby sharing the tops with big names in water hot spots like Lake Havasu and Lake Tahoe, but some in Michigan may feel we have few other notables to add to the list. With a whole lot of summer left to enjoy, you still have time to test out the findings and head to Lake Saint Clair for the day. Consider it research.

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