There is a new dangerous teen internet fad. The "deodorant challenge" may seem harmless, but it can cause some serious chemical burns. The challenge involves spraying deodorant from an aerosol can on your skin for as long as you can stand it. The prolonged spray of aerosol deodorant can cause second-degree chemical burns.

Jamie Prescott posted these photos on her Facebook page of her daughter's arm after attempting the challenge. The post has been shared over 4,400 times.

According to WNEM, the deodorant challenge isn't new. It was first reported about in 2014 when teens began uploading videos of themselves attempting the challenge. The latest warning about the challenge comes from the UK, but we all know once these trends start, they are hard to stop. Just look at how far the Tide Pod challenge spread a few months ago. Then last month there was the condom challenge that had parents and doctors worried. Can we all just agree to not try these fad internet challenges? They never end well.



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