President Barack Obama

Susan Rice Rewarded for Misleading the Public?
Susan Rice, the U.S. Ambassador the Obama administration trotted out in response to the terror attack in Benghazi, has been named as national security adviser according to Fox News. Rice will replace Tom Donilon who is resigning from the post...
Letter to President Obama Tests Positive for Ricin
According to Fox News, the FBI has confirmed that a letter addressed to President Obama has tested positive for ricin.
The news comes just a day after another letter sent to the office of Senator Roger Wicker tested positive for the same substance.
Obama, Romney Banned from GM Plants Through Election
GM has announced they are trying to stay out of the political arena between now and the November election by banning President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney from its plants.
According to WNEM, GM Vice President Bob Ferguson told the Detroit Free Press that the automaker wants to …
Student Criticizes Obama, Gets Yelled at by Teacher
A North Carolina high school student who spoke critically of President Obama, and was yelled at by his teacher, defended his criticisms.
Hunter Rogers was on Fox News and spoke about the video he recorded of his teacher yelling at him after he questioned whether President Obama had also been a bully …

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