President Barack Obama

Commentary: So Lemme Get This Straight?
In 2011, President Obama paid more then $160,000 in federal taxes last year on earnings of just under $790,000 according to MSNBC. Almost half of that amount came from his salary as president, the remainder coming from his book sales.
Thankfully, MSNBC did the math for me...
Flint Mayor Walling Reacts to President’s State of Union
President Barack Obama gave his third State of the Union address last night. Flint Mayor Dayne Walling issued a statement shortly after the speech conclusion saying:
"President Obama outlined a clear vision to create jobs and build an economy built to last. A strong economy is a top priority…
Bruins Goalie Says No to White House Visit
On Monday, Boston Bruins goalie and Flint Native Tim Thomas, decided not to go along with his teammates when they visited President Obama at the White House to celebrate the team's 2011 Stanley Cup title.
Thomas, who posted a 16-9 record and 1.98 goals against average in the playoffs, posted a s…
President Obama to Speak at U of M in Ann Arbor Friday
President Obama will be in Michigan on Friday.
The Detroit Free Press reports that White House officials have confirmed the President's visit.
Obama will deliver remarks at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor just three days after his State of the Union address...
Russian News Anchor Flips Bird at President Obama
A Russian News Anchor flipped the bird at United States President Barack Obama during a newscast earlier this month.
The Telegraph reports that the online footage is "being avidly viewed both in Russia and the United States."
In the footage, Tatyana Limanova, an award-winning senior newsread…