halo burger

Halo Burger Makes Yahoo! Food List
Flint-based Halo Burger has made a Yahoo! list of "small burger chains that might take over the world." According to ABC 12, Yahoo! Food ranked it among the top 12 small burger chains. Yahoo! says Halo Burger made the list due to its beefy double cheeseburger, but also acknowledge …
Halo Burger To Stay The Same
Lou Dortch Jr. says that they will not change the beloved menu, and items for the newly changed hands of Halo Burger. Flint residents know Halo Burger as a staple of Flint, and should be glad to know that things will not change. Read the interview from mlive.com:
Halo Burger’s Last Day Under Thomas Family
It's the end of an era, Bill Thomas' Halo Burger no longer will be held by the Thomas family. The franchise has been sold to Lou Dortch who owns several Subway restaurants around Michigan reports mlive.com: