We are very lucky to have so many quality Flint area restaurants. From Timothy's Pub, and the White Horse Tavern to Flint Crepe Company, Maude's Alabama Barbecue and Starlite Diner and Coney Island - there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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When it comes to celebrating the holiday season with family and friends, I prefer an evening out enjoying food and drinks together over giving or receiving presents. Why would I want a pair of socks or gloves, when I can enjoy my Maggie Meadows Boozy Burger at Timothy's Pub, or enjoy a crepe and a delicious cup of coffee on a Saturday morning at the Flint Crepe Company?

That being said, I have put together a list - may I present to you 'The 12 Foods Of Flintmas'. Before you say it, yes there are way more than twelve awesome places to eat in the Flint area. I could not obviously include them all on a list with only 12 items (plus I am late on this post, there are currently eleven days until Christmas).

I am totally interested in hearing about your favorite spots that 'should have been on my list', but there is no need to get upset or rude about this list. If you think I am jumping the gun by saying this, you clearly have never read some of the comments on our Facebook page.

I hope you keep the establishments below in mind this holiday season and the many more that Flint has to offer. Here's to eating and drinking locally this Christmas. Please note, my selections are in no particular order - they all are the best.

12 Foods Of Flintmas

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Gallery Credit: Maggie Meadows Photos