Lou Dortch Jr. says that they will not change the beloved menu, and items for the newly changed hands of Halo Burger. Flint residents know Halo Burger as a staple of Flint, and should be glad to know that things will not change. Read the interview from mlive.com:

“We don’t want to upset the people who have enjoyed the Halo Burger brand for 40 to 50 years here,” said Dortch, who heads Dortch Enterprises, which owns 39 Subway restaurants in Genesee County and the Detroit area.

Menu favorites such as olive-covered burgers will remain intact, he said. Future additions, however, might include different kinds of ice cream, salads and drinks.

The freshly ground burger that’s delivered daily from Abbott’s Meat also will continue to be used.

“We certainly aren’t going to tamper with any of the recipes,” Dortch said. “You are going to be able to get the same product you received prior to the transition.”

Via - mlive.com

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