A new list that compiles the best cities for different food stuffs has named Detroit among the best for burgers and pizza.

Listen, we're all about people showing love for "The D," but sometimes we look at these lists and reply with a resounding "really?" That was our reaction upon reading this collection of "Best Cities for (food item)" put together by Estately, especially when we noticed Detroit was named the Best City for Pizza.  Not to say the Motor City doesn't have great pie, but have these guys ever heard of a little town in the Midwest named Chicago? Oddly, both Chi-town and New York -- the two cities most synonymous with pizza -- were completely absent from the top five.

Detroit also snagged the number two spot on the Best Cities for Burgers list. Although not as unexpected as the top honors for pizza, we haven't heard too much about Detroit being renowned for their burgers. After we took a look at the criteria upon which these rankings were based -- things became a little more clear:

"Estately Real Estate Search set out to map the restaurant preferences of the 50 largest U.S. cities. Using data from Yelp, we scored each city from 0-300 on the abundance of 18 different restaurant types. The restaurant score for each type of restaurant takes three variables and weights them equally—restaurants per capita, restaurants per square mile, and the percentage of all area restaurants that each type makes up. Check out the results below."

So the results have more to do with abundance of options than they do quality. The idea being that if you love burgers, you should move to this city because they have the most burger places.

It wasn't all good for Detroit though, the list had them in the bottom five for food trucks, which explains why our friends at Vehicle City Tacos are always getting requests to hit up Detroit. Food truck shortage or no -- get your own damn taco truck, Detroit!

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