If this weather doesn't break soon, these guys are going to have to release a greatest hits album!

Superintendent Ben Mainka and Swartz Creek High School Principal Jim Kitchen are at it again with a follow-up to their epic school-closing video from earlier this week, this time tackling Idina Menzel's 'Let it Go' from the movie 'Frozen.'

The pair issued kudos to "educators across the country who are true champions for kids" noting that school employees aren't always given the recognition they truly deserve.

They also noted (with a tongue-in-cheek grin) that their second school-closing song (below) was done to address all the hate mail the two had received -- hate mail for not immediately following their now-famous video from earlier this week with a song to announce school was closed the very next day.

Be patient, people. Genius takes time!

WARNING:  You'll have the lyric "Stay at home, stay at home" (to the tune of 'Let it Go') running through your head for hours after watching this video!

CHECK OUT the complete list of Cars 108 school closings here.

If you haven't seen this duo's original school-closing video, check it out here.


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