Michigan weather has struck again dropping several inches of snow across Flint and surrounding areas.  So you can either shovel and complain (and shovel again) or you can sit back and enjoy some of that white stuff.

As my wife and I watched inch after inch of show fall we both started to get a little anxious. The normal panic type questions started to roll into both of our heads.

How would I get to work in the morning?

What would we do if the power went off?

Where will we find a broke teenager to shovel all of this snow?

That's when she quietly put on her snow gear and grabbed a big bowl.  I didn't ask what she was doing, mainly because I thought if she was going to shovel . . . I'd just let her.

When she came back in and barked out some ingredients that we needed, I knew exactly where her head was at.  After getting the kids on board, we mixed all of the ingredients in her snow filled bowl.




Then we sat back as a family and enjoyed watching the snow fall, because we knew that it would most likely lead to our next bowl of delicious vanilla Michigan Snow-Made ice cream.

I would do it tonight or Tuesday before the Polar Vortex makes it impossible to go outside without dying.

Snow Made Ice Cream Directions

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