Around 150,000 people in Michigan were left without power as strong storms moved from the northwest to the southeast across Michigan Tuesday afternoon.

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Communities in Northwest, Southwest, and Central Michigan appear to have sustained the most damage, while heavy rainfall caused little damage throughout Flint and Genesee County, although winds gusting up to 63 miles per hour were reported at Flint's Bishop Airport.

Northern Michigan

High winds toppled trees and power lines in Northern Michigan, leaving thousands without power. Hail was reported as well, with some folks near the Cadillac area reported hail the size of eggs, according to the National Weather Service.

West Michigan

Storm Damage in West Michigan

In the video below, take a look at some of the storm damage from West Michigan. Residents in Muskegon County were hit especially hard, with 50 mile per hour winds that uprooted trees and caused damage to an elementary school in that area.

Students at Cardinal Elementary School in Muskegon were escorted to what was considered the safest areas of the building during the peak of the storm. The school's superintendent says there was damage to the roof of the cafeteria and gym but is thankful that no one was hurt.

There was flooding and water damage to the school because of the roof damage, so school has been canceled for at least a day.

Power Outages

As of 8 am Wednesday (9/8), Consumers Energy reports that just under 50,000 people are without power in its service area in Michigan. Crews are "all hands on deck" today as the utility works to restore power to everyone affected. DTE (which primarily serves customers in the Metro Detroit area) reports that about 39,000 customers are awaiting power restoration.


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