After 102 years of business, Erwin Orchards & Cider Mill in South Lyon is throwing in the towel and calling it quits.

Now, before you freak out, there is some good news. A good portion of their land will still be used for farming but will be under new ownership. According to WDIV, Blake's Farms will be taking over.

It's really sad to see a family that's been so dedicated to the community walk away after serving Michiganders for literally over a century. Bill and Linda Erwin were the fourth generation running the orchard and are now ready for retirement. You have to respect that.

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Erwin Orchards & Cider Mill:

We have harvested our last crop, the Erwin Orchards & Cider Mill signs have been taken down and we will soon begin the next chapter of our lives. Retirement will finally be a reality for the Erwin and Emery families.
After making the announcement on social media, hundreds of customers posted comments, shared memories, and said their goodbyes as well.
Erwin Orchards also thanked their loyal customers for supporting them during the good and bad times over the years.
We are proud of what we have built but know that none of it would have been possible without our yearly beloved and dedicated work family, many of which have been with us for multiple years and all of you, our loyal customers. You have supported us year after year through good crops and not so good crops and even a total loss of our apple crop due to freezing temperatures in 2012!
Congrats on your retirement!

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