Christmas Tree Shops in the United States will soon have a new moniker, and that includes a Flint, Michigan location. It's causing a pretty big reaction from people, too.

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Brace yourself, Christmas Tree Shops will be rebranded as CTS. The new name has already been implanted on the CTS Facebook page. As for the sign at the CTS Miller Road location, as of now it still reads Christmas Tree Shops. I did call the store in Flint and an employee did answer by saying 'Christmas Tree Shops'. I inquired about the CTS name and was told by the helpful employee that she refers to the store as both Christmas Tree Shops and CTS. How long that will last is unclear at this time.

With a name like Christmas Tree Shops, one would assume it is a Christmas store. Apparently, the stores carry more than just Christmas decorations - hence the name change. The store got its start in Massachusetts over 50 years ago and according to CBS News Boston, the chain was sold in 2020.

New owners Marc and Pam Salkovitz decided to rebrand the company and change its name to 'CTS'. I am no marketing genius, but this clearly is an excellent idea. I am not a super fan of Christmas decor, so I had no reason to ever go into CTS until now. Who knew they carried more than just Christmas crap? Not me.

Apparently, CTS is the go-to store for celebrating, decor, food, gifts, and more. I had no idea. I like all of the above - just keep the candy canes and ornaments away from me.

Christmas Tree Shops (soon to be CTS) is located on Miller Road in Flint in the Pirates Park Plaza.

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