In a special message to the legislature on aging, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder said the state must better plan to serve the growing population of older adults. The governor presented his special message during a visit to the Older Persons' Commission in Rochester.

Snyder noted that living a healthy lifestyle, staying active and engaged, achieving financial security and maintaining independence are critical for a high quality of life as we age. The state's older population is growing rapidly. By 2030 nearly one in four Michigan residents will be age 60 or older. Residents are also living longer with the fastest growing segment of Michigan's population age 85 or older.

"We want Michigan to be a state where we live and age well," said Snyder. "Ensuring that more older adults have the opportunity to be healthy, independent and productive individuals in 'age friendly' communities that support their needs will be critical as the state plans for the future. The simple truth is Michigan has more work to do to prepare for its aging population. It's time to reinvent the way we think about aging in a positive way."

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