Smokers' rights could be at risk once again: a medical expert is currently advocating for some drastic regulations that would make it mandatory for all smokers to obtain a smoking license.

Simon Chapman, from the University of Sydney in Australia, says that he would like to see the government issue smoking licenses as a means to curb people’s smoking habits. Chapman says that requiring all smokers to submit to applications and testing—complete with applicable fees, of course—would deter them from the dangerous habit.

These smoking licenses would also restrict the number of cigarettes people are allowed to purchase, with additional fees tacked on the more cigarettes a person buys. However, fees would be returned to smokers, with interest, the moment they decide to quit. But they'd better be certain a smokeless life is really what they want: smokers would not be allowed to reapply for a license for six months.

If you are currently a smoker, don’t get too worried about Chapman’s proposed smoker’s license. There is very little chance of such legislation ever passing in Australia, much less in the United States.

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