Smoking cigarettes in vehicles with kids present, are you for it or against it?

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My parents smoked cigarettes with me and my siblings in the car - maybe you did too, or still do. If you do smoke with your kids in the car, chances are you are getting the evil eye from fellow drivers.

Before you think I am judging you for smoking, I am not. Full disclosure, I smoke cigarettes. However, I won't smoke around a kid, let alone smoke in a car with one. Knowing what we know about the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke - why would you put your kid(s) at risk?

Most of us would not buy a kid a pack of cigarettes, so why would someone blow smoke all over a child in a vehicle? As a matter of fact, smoking in a vehicle with children under a certain age is illegal in six states - unfortunately, Michigan is not one of them.

The states where it is illegal are as follows,

  • Arkansas -- no smoking with children under 14
  • California -- no smoking with children under 18
  • Louisiana -- no smoking with children under 13
  • Maine -- no smoking with children under 16
  • Utah -- no smoking with children under 15
  • Vermont -- no smoking with children under 8

Just because smoking with kids in the car in Michigan is not illegal, it still doesn't mean you should do it. If you want to smoke and drive, leave the kids at home or at least buy little Timmy a gas mask to wear.

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