Flint is taking some criticism for its decision to buy a fleet of Ford trucks, rather than locally-built Chevy Silverados. But is the backlash warranted?

In a story trending on WNEM's website, city councilman Scott Kincaid finds fault with Flint's former Emergency Manager Darnell Early and Financial Director Jerry Ambrose, for signing off on an agreement to lease the Ford F250s from a company in Farmington Hills. The councilman claims the city could have saved money by purchasing similar vehicles from a Chevrolet dealer in Flint.

But is the comparison apples to apples?

Many who have commented on the story say Flint should feel no obligation toward General Motors, and blame GM for Flint's economic downfall.

Others offer praise to Ford for a product that some say is of higher quality than Chevrolet's offerings.

What are your thoughts? Should Flint feel an obligation to buy General Motors products, or are those days long gone? Are GM and Ford vehicles equal in quality? How do you feel about driving non-General Motors vehicles in a city that was once considered a GM town?


- George McIntyre
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