Senator Harry Reid says he has a source (or sources) telling him that Mitt Romney didn’t pay federal income tax for 10 years.  This is a lie.  He has no source telling him any such thing.  How do I know?  Because he refuses to produce his source.

Unless he produces a source, there is no source.  It’s that simple.

I expect reporters will be hounding him for his source.  “Senator Reid, it’s been suggested you have no source for your claim that Mitt Romney failed to pay federal income taxes for 10 years.  Do you have a source?  And if so, who is the source?”  Journalists will pepper the Senate Majority Leader with variations on this question until he either relents or retracts.

No?  No, probably not.

Curious though.  Isn't that the standard Senator Reid has set?  How do we know Mitt Romney paid his income taxes?  He won't show us his tax returns.  Certainly many are willing to parrot this crap.  But, um, isn't that what we have the IRS for?  To make sure people pay the income taxes they owe.  I'm guessing that multi-millionaires not paying taxes for 10 years tend to send up a red flag at the IRS.  The IRS is so good at rounding up tax payer money, we're hiring 16,000 new IRS agents to shake us down for all those new Obamacare taxes.   Reid's suggestion is laughable.

So, SHOULD Mitt Romney release more tax returns?  At this point, I say no.  It doesn’t matter what’s in previous tax returns, they will certainly be used by the President’s re-election team to distract attention from the President's abysmal record.  Yes, it's already a distraction that they are demanding the release of more tax returns.  But this won’t last as an issue, especially with that choir boy, Senator Reid leading the charge.  Whatever is in them, they'll be used to dribble out new accusations right up to the election.

Besides, the Romney campaign is probably comfortable having Senator Reid making the case for releasing more tax returns.  He’s a liar.  There is no source.  Or prove it; name the source, Senator Reid.

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