Thanks to his Kenyan ancestry, it stands to reason there are a lot of little Barack Obamas running around Kenya at the moment—and now there will also be at least one Mitt Romney.

Twenty-year-old Millicent Owour gave birth to twin boys on Wednesday in Kenya. To remember the American election, which saw Obama defeat Romney and win a second term, she decided to name one of the twins Barack Obama and the other Mitt Romney. Owour's village is located just down the road from where one of Obama's relatives, his 90-year-old step-grandmother Sarah Obama, still lives.

Given President Obama's ties to the area and the fact that he beat Romney in an election it would seem little Mitt Romney is getting the short end of the stick in the naming department. However, this does set up the humorous possibility that one day Mitt Romney could finally win the presidency ... of Kenya.

[Daily Mail]

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