Hitting a fastball is a lot less dramatic than being hit by a fastball.

Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Ryan Volgelsong was nailed in the face by a fastball by the Colorado Rockies' Jordan Lyles on Monday afternoon. The bases were loaded, forcing in a run.

As you may have expected, Vogelsong left the game, reportedly with an injury to his left eye. He was taken to a hospital and the team is expected to have an update on his status on Tuesday.

And if you're not aware just how brutal getting plunked by a major league fastball can be, check out this picture from Pittsburgh Tribune-Review photographer Christopher Horner.

"Hopefully he’s good to go, and I hope he comes out of it OK and is able to get back to his teammates shortly," Lyles said. "The pitch just ran in too much, too high."

Vogelsong's experience in the box is a frightening reminder of the split-second decision-making hitters face when staring down a fastball.