With over 40 officials under federal investigation, it's hard to argue that we may be more than a little slimy.

Detroit's MetroTimes newspaper is reporting that U.S. Attorneys have declared Michigan the most corrupt state in the Union.

And before one party gets on its high horse and starts pointing fingers at the other, the attorneys have stated that both the Democrats and Republicans are to blame.

Every state has about one corruption case each year... while larger districts like New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami, usually see around four. In Michigan there were about 18 per year for the last five years.

"We definitely have a more significant corruption issue here in the Michigan region," (U.S. Attorney Matthew) Schneider told the MetroTimes. "But we are rooting it out a lot more than other people. We have a long-term campaign here to root out public corruption."

The article went on to point out that it would help if the media channels in the state would challenge the corrupt power structures, but that isn't happening.

...the state's media elite that joins lobbyists, politicians, corporate executives, and other powerful state players at Mackinac isn't there to ask tough questions or challenge anyone — it goes to join in the celebration.

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