Flint charges $65 more per month than the next highest municipality in Genesee County according to MLive.

A recent analysis by MLive-Flint Journal of water and sewer rates of 25 communities in Genesee County shows Flint is tops with $169.15 per month. Even though Flint recently began getting its water from the Flint River (Flint, along with others in Genesee County, will begin getting their water from the Karegnondi Water Authority in 2016), city officials are warning that the cost may go up again. Emergency Manager Darnell Earley has proposed a budget in which the cost may go up to $180.14.

After Flint, the next highest rate in Genesee County is Montrose with averages of $104 per month followed by Linden at $100.93 per month. Genesee Township residents have the cheapest rats in the county at $52.88 and then Burton at $57.46.

City officials argue that Flint's aging infrastructure is the cause for why rates are so much higher saying "reducing rates by eliminating expenditures for critically needed upgrades and repairs is a disservice to current and future users of the system."

The MLive article includes residents who have moved to surrounding communities due to the high rates. Would you move for lower water rates? What do you think about the reasoning for the high prices?