The Bible is the undisputed and final authority on ALL matters of earthly living according to every minister/preacher that I’ve been exposed to since my earliest days as a child. I am grateful for my parent’s insistence that those teachings would provide me a strong foundation as life presented its challenges. With some stumbles along the way however, it was that foundation which remained intact and allowed me second chances to get it right.

With time, it is said that one’s knowledge increases, and rational decisions become close to automatic. Not only should choices make sense, but when made by adults with the proper religious training, the correct choices are a given. As to which religion provides the ‘correct’ teachings, scholars, doctors of theology and laymen have, and will debate, until the end of time.

The focus of this inquiry pertains to one specific issue, and what has made for very strange bedfellows. The issue is abortion, democrat voters and black churches. What is so strange and where is the hypocrisy? Should not anyone vote as they choose in America? One certainly may vote or not vote as one chooses, but the vote should be based on informed voters making rational decisions. In this case my confusion lies within what I was taught by black religious clergy, in black churches and reiterated by black citizens in black communities, versus the irrational voting record of these same individuals, in this instance. The inconsistent element, which the aforementioned individuals cite as truth, is The Bible. In their words The Bible is the unchanging and unambiguous Word of God, and we should fashion every day of life to suit Him. With this premise, can the disparity between rhetoric and action (voting) be reconciled?

As I recall the Christmas story being told, (The Gospel of St. Matthew), each element of this parable speaks to the contrary of those who promote abortion. Mary, a virgin with an unexpected pregnancy, forced to leave home and endure traveling to an unknown town to preserve the life of her unborn child. Not being a person of means forced to deliver the baby in a manger – less than ideal conditions, she is grateful for the hand- me- downs to use as baby clothes and other ‘charities’ offered by strangers and well- wishers. By today’s “legal” standards those who helped Mary might be considered assisting in child abuse. Thank God abortion was not an option.

With this as the backdrop, and the overt act by Mary and Joseph to save the life of their child, why is it blacks vote for Democrats who by and large support abortion? In any campaign season you will see enthusiastic support for any candidate with a (D) after their name, regardless of race, from the same minister/preacher who will tell their congregation of the heroism of Mary and Joseph and the hardship they endured to spare the life of their unborn child. I have yet to hear these same clergymen come to the aid of the unborn by asking their ‘candidate of choice’ to denounce the practice of abortion as it is a “clear violation of God’s law,” expressed by them, if they believe what they preach. The question should be put not only to the politician, but to the ministers as well. Their congregations are required to query the elders in these matters as found in the scriptures they study. Yet campaign after campaign will find the democratic candidate, black religious leader, black congregation and black voting public in general in gleeful lockstep marching to the polls.

My simple question has been and remains unanswered. If The Bible is undeniable truth, everlasting truth and uncompromising truth how then, is the issue of abortion and voting to maintain the activity of abortion via a politician, keeping true to the Word of God, which is said not to be compromised?