A group of women dressed in red paint smeared jumpsuits delivered a powerful message today (5/16/16), as they laid silently on the steps of the Flint Water Treatment Plant in protest for the disregard of women's reproductive health in the Flint water crisis.

Ten women referred to their actions this afternoon as a "performance piece" called  'America's Heartbreakers,' which lasted 20 minutes despite water department employees threatening to call police if they didn't leave. Ultimately, none of the participants were arrested.

Flint activist Desiree Duell explained the meaning behind the performance, saying "It's about talking about women's reproductive systems that have been damaged by Flint's water system. "Many have had miscarriages, and the girls who were born through this may have damaged eggs. We've been poisoned."

It may be a long time before we realize the full human cost of the Flint water crisis. While some political figures want you to believe the crisis is over, it will never be over for many. It is likely that more and more health problems caused by this will be discovered as the years go on.