Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton filed a public nuisance action on Wednesday against a residence on Flint's west side where authorities recently discovered a methamphetamine lab in operation.

Four individuals were arrested in connection to the lab at 338 Allendale, near Flint's McLaren Hospital. Late Wednesday, at Prosecutor Leyton's request, Genesee County Circuit Judge Joseph Farah issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting further unlawful activity.

"This is the first step toward padlocking this house," said Prosecutor Leyton. "We will not allow drug dealers to take over our neighborhoods and endanger our safety and security. If drug dealing is discovered, not only will the perpetrators be arrested and convicted, they will also lose their homes and possessions through the laws of Michigan."

This house has been the site of four separate incidents of drug dealing in 2012 said Leyton. "There were busts at this residence on January 18, 26, February 7 and May 22. Because of the frequency of the criminal activity, we were able to use the public nuisance statute to begin padlocking procedures."

The next court date in July 2nd at which time Prosecutor Leyton will ask the court to convert the TRO into a preliminary injunction.