Hilldog called for a Democratic Presidential debate to take place in Flint, MI, and a new report says Clinton will indeed square off against Bernie Sanders in the 810.

The Washington Post is reporting that there will be a Democratic Presidential debate right here in Flint. The debate, set for March 6th according to The Detroit News, will likely feature a number of well-received jabs at Republicans over the Flint water crisis. Republican and Michigan Governor Snyder's Emergency Manager law currently appears to at least have played a minor role (if not a leading one) in the man-made crisis.

A venue for the debate has yet to be announced, but the event will be televised, and is set to take place to days prior to Michigan's March 8th primary. Flint will be one of four new debates added to the Democratic candidates' schedules, the others taking place in California, and two location that have yet to-be-determined. However, we do know that the Sanders campaign is lobbying for a New York debate.

Clinton and Sanders are just coming off of the Iowa Caucuses, where they were separated by just three-tenths of a percent (Clinton: 23 Delegates - 49.9% | Sanders 21 Delegates - 49.6%). It was such a close race, several precincts were decided by coin toss -- the exact amount of which is currently a point of contention.


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