Hold your breath for this one. Talk about an incredible moment caught on body cam.

Erica Urrea is a police officer in Lodi, California, just south of Sacramento. She was patrolling the area early on Wednesday morning, around 8:45 AM, when she noticed an elderly man in a wheelchair who had gotten his chair stuck while trying to cross the train tracks. And then, the arm guards started to come down - a northbound train was hurtling towards the crossing.

Officer Urrea realized that he was stuck and leaped into action. She had only a few seconds to get to the 66-year-old man before the train struck him; when she realized that she couldn't get his wheelchair out from the tracks, she picked him up and pulled him off the chair and away from the tracks with mere seconds to spare.

The entire rescue was only 45 seconds long.

The man suffered leg injuries and was taken to the hospital, and Officer Urrea is being hailed as a hero.
She's been serving with the Lodi Police Department for 14 years and this isn't the first time she's risked her life to save another - earlier this month, she performed CPR on a man who had collided into the back of a bus with his bike. She was able to keep him alive until the paramedics arrived.

This woman is a true hero. And it's just more proof that we're all humans, no matter what we do for a living, how we vote, the color of our skin or who we worship. She didn't ask those questions before saving this man's life - she just DID IT.

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