Although the final chapters of Flint's water crisis are long from being written, a new book titled 'Poison on Tap' outlines the man-made catastrophe that has put our city on front pages all across the country.

The 330 page paperback, published by Bridge Magazine is subtitled 'How Government Failed Flint, and the Heroes Who Fought Back.' Publisher Phil Power penned the introduction in his Bridge column Tuesday. (6/21)

"It brings together our regular reporting into one complete and terrible package that we hope will help remind readers throughout America of what can happen when our institutions start breaking down."

Deadline Detroit's Alan Stamm notes that the book address some tough questions about Flint's ongoing water debacle:

  • How could entire Flint neighborhoods suffer for months without relief the brown, fetid water that turned out to be poison, especially to little kids?
  • How could it be that entire layers of government – local, regional, state and national – either failed to understand what was going on or, understanding it all too well, got away too long with systematically trying to cover up their mistakes?
  • How could it be that politicians of all stripes converted a human and municipal crisis into a convenient punching bag for political gain?

'Poison on Tap' is available from Amazon and other outlets. Flint Child Health & Development Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint will receive $1 from each print copy sold.