We already know Michigan is the best state with the coolest cities, but it's nice to be officially recognized.

The Matador Network has put together a list of the 24 coolest cities in the U.S., and with no surprise to Michiganders, one of our Up North cities made the list. Matador Network openly says that their list is not based on people in an office making graphs and data, but rather based on people's stories, and the things they add to the  travelstroke app.

Leland Michigan is officially one of the coolest cities in the U.S. Matador Network describes Leland as "a small town located on a tiny piece of land between Lake Michigan and Lake Leelanau on Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula (known for being a wine country and kitesurfing mecca). The fall colors of the forest along the beach dunes is pretty insane."

Some of the other cities on the list include Athens Georgia, Ocean City Maryland, Valdez Alaska, and Lake City Colorado.

What other cities would you add to the list of 2017 cool cities?

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