Flint Fire Department, Facebook
Flint Fire Department, Facebook

MLive is reporting that if the City of Flint doesn't receive a nearly $8 million federal grant for firefighters, it could mean longer wait times.

The City of Flint projects that without the SAFER grant - Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response - there would be just enough funding for 46 firefighters with 19 potentially losing their jobs. Additionally, two fire halls could also be closed without the grant. That could lead to even longer wait times. MLive says response for a recent fire on Atherton Road took nine minutes for just 3.6 miles, almost double the 4 to 6 minute standard set by the National Fire Protection Association.

Flint Fire Chief David cox says the department is "already at a minimum of manpower, so the loss of any fire personnel could certainly hinder the departments ability to effectively carry out our day-to-day operations."

As of last week, all but $72 million of the $337.5 million set aside for SAFER grants had already been awarded.


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