A new mandate, if passed will incorporate a series of cameras that will monitor a driver's attentiveness while behind the wheel to help combat drunk driving. 

If all goes well expect to see these new systems to be in every new car starting in 2026 giving car companies time to adjust to this new push. 

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It's one of the mandates along with a burst of new spending aimed at improving auto safety amid escalating road fatalities in the $1 trillion infrastructure package that President Joe Biden is expected to sign soon.


Under the legislation, monitoring systems to stop intoxicated drivers would roll out in all new vehicles as early as 2026, after the Transportation Department assesses the best form of technology to install in millions of vehicles and automakers are given time to comply. Source:NBC25.com

Drunk driving is definitely a major issue with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reporting that over 20,000 people died in the first quarter of 2021. Research shows that speeding and impaired driving are the main factors behind these accidents.

I think this could be a good move for the future of the auto industry, especially now that cars are already leaning towards autonomous driving. I'm honestly all for it. I think not only would this cut down on accidents, but also increase highway and road efficiency. If everything was automated, we wouldn't have drunk driving accidents or traffic slowdowns. 2026 is right around the corner, and the future of the auto is gonna be very interesting.

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