My Facebook page (friend me if you haven't already) lit up this morning with comments from riders who seem perfectly happy keeping their heads helmeted while riding. Governor Rick Snyder may have the opportunity to sign a bill that would repeal the state's helmet law for motorcyclists age 21 and older.

Snyder has said before that he would consider repealing the helmet law as part of a plan to reform Michigan no-fault auto insurance laws. According to reports, if this bill passes, motorcyclists can ride without a helmet if they are over 21 and have $20,000 in health insurance coverage. I think ther'es something about experience or training too.

Helmet laws vary from state to state, some you need one, some you don't. Some you need one if you're under 20, others you only need one if you're under age 17. Must make for some crazy cross-country trips.

It's your head, it's your brain. But then again, maybe you don't like messing up your hair.

So here's the question, to helmet or not to helmet?

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