One Michigan lawmaker is making a push to do away with Michigan's 10 cent bottle deposit law.

First, let me jump in and say, "NO!" There is no way in hell Michigan should even consider repealing this law, in my opinion. I was a teenager when the Michigan Beverage Container Act of 1976 went into effect -- and litter on the side of the roads was eliminated virtually overnight.

State Rep. Joe Bellino of Monroe has introduced the piece of legislation that would reverse the act, saying it will boost community recycling programs.

"The bottle bill pulls the two most valuable materials – aluminum and PET plastic – away from community-based recycling systems,” Bellino said. “Rerouting these materials into local recycling programs would provide the boost recyclers need to sustain their programs and expand access to even more communities.”

According to WXYZ, the Michigan Recycling Partnership reports that Michigan loses $10-13 million dollars in fraudulent bottle returns every year. (Didn't Newman and Kramer prove that it wasn't lucrative to cheat the system?)

If you don't mind pop and beer bottles and cans littering the sides of Michigan's roads and highways, by all means, let's push this through.

Overturning this law would be bad for Michigan.

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