A Dearborn woman has given up her Twitter handle in exchange for aid for Flint residents.

According to the Detroit News, Diana Hussein had the handle @DietDrPepper going back to the early days of Twitter in 2009. She chose the handle by "glancing at a can of Diet Dr. Pepper during a research class." Little did Hussein know that choice would one day help others in need.

Hussein told the News that the company that produces the soda reached out this year about seriously trading for it. Initial offers were just for "swag" but Hussein found out the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group also owned Deja Blue water. Earlier this month, Hussein was able to get 41,000 bottles of water, worth about $5,000, trucked into Flint and distributed to residents affected by the water crisis. The reaction has been overwhelming.

If you'd like to thank Diana, you can do so at her new Twitter handle @heyadiana.

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