Well, Michigan, we're not dead last but we do come very close to the bottom in an annual ranking of 'Hardest Working States' in the US.

Three states -- New Mexico, Rhode Island, and West Virginia -- rounded out the bottom of the list, putting the Mit at #47 on WalletHub's list. North Dakota takes the honor as the hardest working state in the US.

I'll take some of the blame here. One of the metrics used to determine the rankings is unused vacation time. I take EVERY HOUR of PTO time that I earn! It's part of the compensation. You wouldn't leave some of your paychecks uncashed, would you? Yet the average American only uses about 54% of their allotted vacation time. Over half of Americans forfeited some of their vacation time in 2017.

Other factors to determine each states' rank are the number of hours worked each week, commute times, and the number of people who hold more than one job.

Below is WalletHub's interactive map show how each state fared.

Source: WalletHub

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