The Crim Festival of Races is one of America’s preeminent racing events, and it’s a Historical cornerstone of Flint culture!

Started back in 1977 by Flint’s own Bobby Crim, it has grown over the years to be an event that attracts the best runners in the world. Featured on ESPN for years, televised across the country, and covered by the best sports journalists, it continues to grow.

The first race was one by an Englishman, Steve Kenyon. Since then, winners have been from across the globe and the race has attracted intense competition.

This year’s event promises to continue this tradition, and to discuss it I brought in none other than Crim Race Director Andy Younger to talk about this year’s event and the history of the race itself.

To accentuate this and tell an even bigger story, I also brought in a great friend of mine, Flint entreprenuer, philanthropist, community activist, film producer, business owner, former Crim Board member, and one of only a few runners on the entire planet who has competed in EVERY SINGLE Crim race! There could hardly be a better person to help tell the Crime Race story and history, than Phil Shaltz!

It’s a fast paced, fun filled, 45 with Andy and Phil. Laugh, learn, and delve in to the story of the Crim Festival of Races--and just like the best runners, it MOVES QUICK!

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