This sounds like a political move, if I do say so myself.

First of all, let's talk about how there's a DRAG SHOW WITH PERFORMERS WHO HAVE DOWN SYNDROME. It's a thing; it originated in the UK. In fact, one of the performers has been recognized by the Queen of England.

The show, put on by a group called DisArt, was supposed to take place on September 7th at Tanglefoot in Grand Rapids as part of ArtPrize, but it has to be moved because the owner of the venue has canceled it.

It's owned by Peter Meijer (yes, of that Meijer family), who is running against Justin Amash for a congressional seat. He claims that he doesn't know if the performers have given or are able to give their full consent to perform, claiming that he's trying to "protect" them.

DisArt is calling BS, of course, and has said that they will perform that same a different venue, soon to be announced.

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