A new list, which was clearly compiled by idiots, ranks Michigan as the worst state for fun/scenic attractions, and fifth worst for road trips. Here's why they're wrong.

The folks over at WalletHub have obviously never driven through Ohio, or they wouldn't have ranked them 26 spots ahead of us. The truth behind these kinds of lists is that they're based on formulas -- scientific data that is all entered into a spreadsheet and calculated on averages. Here's the thing though -- you can't quantify variables like beauty or enjoyment into a percentage, as both are highly subjective. One man's 'Shawshank Redemption' might be another man's 'Snow Dogs' and there's really no way you can explain why that is with an excel spreadsheet -- it just is.

The overall "study," as they're calling it, ranks each state on according to how great (or not) it is for a road trip. Michigan came in 46th, while Oregon finished in 1st place. All that I know about road tripping through Oregon is that someone in your party usually dies of dysentery, and that doesn't sound like a very awesome getaway to me. Old-timey diseases, difficulty of forging a river, and broken axles were obviously not among of the criteria on which the ranking were based. However, gas prices, camping prices, amount of scenic bi-ways and national parks were factored in, as were road conditions, weather, crime rate, lodging costs, and the amount of "fun and scenic attractions." Once you mash all that data in, Michigan stacks up poorly next to #2 Nevada (a big ass desert with a bunch of casinos in the middle) and #3 Utah (former workplace of Karl "The Mailman" Malone).

Sure, our roads suck. We have to eat that one because we keep electing people who fail to solve the problem. On the rest of it, though -- we're calling bulls***. Michigan is a great state for road trips, regardless of the fact that they had us DEAD LAST for fun and scenic attractions. As we preciously mentioned, it's impossible to quantify the beauty of attractions like:

And those are just a few of the scenic Michigan destinations we named off the top of our heads, we could keep at it for hours. Suck it, Oregon.