Climate Change is not real. Sandy Hook was a false flag. President Obama is coming to take all of our guns and put us in FEMA camps. Elvis Presley is alive and well and living in a studio apartment in Calabasas, California. Those are all names of hit singles from the "I'm a Garbage Human" soundtrack. That soundtrack is now getting the "deluxe edition" treatment, and is being re-released with a new bonus track -- "The mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando is a hoax."

I'm not particularly proud to be living in a time where facts are debatable, acceptance is vilified, money is speech, hatred is a virtue, and we refuse to do anything to prevent our inevitable self-destruction. Someday these things will change. Technology will advance to the point where there will be no debating scientific fact or whether well-documented events actually happened. When that day comes, we will not be remembered fondly by history. In fact, we'll be an embarrassment to those who came after... assuming that they're left with a world that's even inhabitable when we're done repeatedly running head-first into the wall.

From before we can even comprehend the spoken word, we're told stories of hope. Stories, be they from Bethlehem or Hollywood, that lead us to believe that man is good, that the good guys always win, and that a hero will swoop in and save us in our darkest hour. I can't speak for everyone, but for me the process of growing up basically consisted of me coming to terms with the fact that that's all bulls***. Man is not inherently good. The good guys lose more often than not, and no one is coming to save us. I'd love nothing more than to look at the world with that sense of hope, wonder, and magic that we all slowly lose as we transition from child to adult. However, most days I feel like the character Gilfoyle in the following clip from 'Silicon Valley,' which is a great show, by the way.

Now that I've painstakingly dragged you across 340 some words that you didn't click through to read, let's discuss the deadliest mass shooting in American history. Armed with a legally-purchased rifle and a handgun, New York native Omar Mateen opened fire at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, killing 49 and injuring 53. Ugly as they may be -- those are facts. There is some debate over Mateen's true motivations, but that's about it... right?


Leave it to the a-holes of the internet to take a tragedy and immediately start poking holes in it. "Who cares if those people are going through unimaginable pain? I don't know them and I've got a YouTube channel/blog to fill with content," seems to be the mission statement of these parasites that prey on human misery to do nothing more than bathe in pageviews. As disgusting as it is -- I can at least understand the motivation of those leeches. It's the people that allow them to perpetuate this garbage, by buying into it and spreading it to their network of fellow "truthers," like a virus, that really disgust me. Of course there's some runoff that spills into the general population, and before you know it -- we're debating facts.

I remember back when we shared an article on Sandy Hook, an unspeakable tragedy, I was horrified by what I read in the comments. People were quick to bash the families of the victims, calling them "crisis actors" and referring to a day that those poor folks will have to remember every day until their last breath as a "false flag." I would later go on to read about how some of these "truthers" even began harassing families of the victims of Sandy Hook. I hope that there's an especially heinous level of Hell reserved for scum like that.

Editor's Note: There are some videos posted below. While I hate to give YouTube views to these pieces of human trash, they're somewhat important to my argument. However, if you can still follow me without playing them -- don't help these dicks profit from the misery of others.

Here we are, zero actions taken to prevent mass shootings and 3.5 years later, and there is another mass shooting being called a "hoax" by the Alex Joneses of the World. All the classic accusations are there. There's the typical "crisis actor" theories, like the one below, where you sort of almost see something. Watch for the man being carried, who they claim is a crisis actor because he stands up after passing the camera, which is something you don't actually see, and even if you did -- it wouldn't mean anything. Maybe he was like, "thanks guys, I got this. I think I can walk."

There's also this lady, who is accused of being a crisis actor. I'm sure that's what the guy doing voiceover is pointing out, but you can only understand him half the time because he doesn't know s*** about audio mixing or enunciation. Sure, she looks like she's having a hard time, but there's no handbook on how people act when they're devastated. Actors in movies act the way that we imagine people behave when tragedy strikes, but that's because they are actors. That's how they've always portrayed those emotions on-screen, and that's also why we imagine those emotions look a certain way off-screen. Regular folks get nervous in front of cameras. Add that to your whole world being ripped to shreds by a hail of bullets and you'll be acting pretty unusual too. Let's hope someone is well enough to break out their stale Beavis and Butthead routine should this YouTuber ever have to walk in those shoes and then gets a camera stuck in his face.

Another go-to truther move you'll see is people over-analyzing things that were misreported, and claiming if one thing isn't true -- it's all not true. Breaking news is messy. It's hard to tell what's actually happening in real time. People say things in the heat of the moment that aren't always factual, details are misunderstood -- it all moves very fast and mistakes get made. It doesn't mean that they're all "in on it." If this was a hoax, imagine how hard it would be to keep an operation like that under wraps, especially if the news is in on it. No one is that good at keeping a secret.

I'm going to stop there, but if you want to keep going -- just Google "Orlando False Flag" or "Orlando Hoax" and go dive neck deep in the ugliest parts of our society if that's your jam. Hell, drown if you want to. You'll find a lot more questions than you do answers or evidence -- which is always the case with these conspiracy theories. That's why they stay "theories" -- because they can't be proven.

If you're one of the self-proclaimed truthers -- just stop it. There's enough hate in this world without you bagging on the bereaved, and you're the only one impressed with your "radical views." Find something more useful with the time you have left on this earth, and please stop depleting my increasingly diminished faith in humanity.