For the first time in six weeks, AAA Michigan reports the statewide average daily gas price has dropped. Michigan's current statewide average is about $2.60 per gallon, about 14 cents less than last week's average.

Of the ten Michigan metro areas surveyed by AAA, the lowest average prices can be found in the Traverse City area where it's about $2.46 per gallon. The highest averages can be found in the Ann Arbor area where prices are around $2.66 per gallon. As of Sunday, gas prices in and around the Flint area were averaging $2.60 a gallon.

AAA says Michigan has dropped to fifth in the nation for most expensive gas prices. However, Great Lakes states are seeing prices typically experienced by drivers o the West Coast due to planned and unplanned refinery maintenance combined with a healthy demand for gasoline.

AAA attributes the overall drop to crude oil prices touching a five-week low brought on by reports of increased output from major production countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Russia.