There is still quite of bit of summer like weather left here in Michigan, which means people will still be hitting the roads for those weekend trips up north.

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Between cars, boats, and motorcycles, gas plays a big roll in the fun for just about every season in the Mitten state. Unfortunately gas prices have been creeping up most of the summer here in Michigan, and as of this weekend they hit a new high for the year.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Michigan gas prices just hit a new high for the year at a whopping $3.31 a gallon, before coming down a penny on Monday. To give it some perspective, was 10 cents more than a week ago, 11 cents more than this time last month and $1.10 more than this time last year during the pandemic according to the article. That's not happiness.

"Tightening supplies, alongside increased demand in the region, have Michigan drivers seeing some of the highest pump prices so far this year," Adrienne Woodland, spokeswoman for AAA-the Auto Club Group told The Detroit Free Press, adding that Midwest gasoline inventories had dropped "to their lowest point in over a month."

I could go over all the reasons we are seeing the increase, but I'm sure most only care about the prices here in the Genesee County area and filling their tanks up the cheapest way possible. So,  I took to my handy-dandy Gas Buddy app to see how we're doing locally.

As of noon Monday, the cheapest in the general area was $3.15 per gallon at the Marathon located at S. Dort Hwy & E. Hemphill Rd. That has us sitting at 16 cents below the states current high.  The lowest price to that was $3.17 shared by 3 stations in the area, and $3.18 by 4 stations.

Keep in mind those prices were for regular grade gas and not the premiums, and the prices can fluctuate by the hour in some cases.

As we approach the winter months filled with snow blowers and snowmobiles, let's hope those prices start to go down....soon.

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