Gas prices in Michigan have tip-toed into new territory as the war in Ukraine has affected gas prices all over the world.

The average gas price in Michigan a week ago was $3.40 a gallon, now Michiganders can expect to see an average of $3.54 a gallon. That puts us at an all-time high on gas prices.

The statewide average according to AAA has jumped to $3.55, an $.18 increase from last week.


As the conflict in Ukraine continues, as will pain at the pump. Oil is up to $100 a barrel and gas prices soaring to record highs.

With Summer right around the corner, this is just the beginning of a very painful year for the average consumer. Experts are saying that gas is expected to be $4 a gallon by summertime. All because of a war we didn't want? I never thought in a million years I would be sitting here being upset at Russia for messing up the economy all over the world because of one man's ambition.

With that being said Ukraine is putting up one hell of a fight. So far they've managed to hold the Russian forces back and that's having crazy ramifications all over the world. None being impacted more than Russia thought. The United Nations have implemented sanctions so heavy that you would think that Russia owed child support to other nations. Those sanctions however are affecting us as well, hence oil being over $100 a barrel.

Let's pray the war in Ukraine comes to an end fast and the world economy can get back to peaceful diplomacy.

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