If MOO-ville Creamery located in Nashville, Michigan truly has the best chocolate ice cream in America, it's time to take a road trip.

Conecon, the biggest ice cream trade event in the U.S. was held late last year in Orlando, Florida where Moo-ville Creamery was the talk of the convention. The Nashville, Michigan company was recognized by The North American Ice Cream Association for their delicious chocolate ice cream. They received the highest score in the category.

According to MLive, the creamery has been attending Conecon for a few years, but this was the first year they entered any of their flavors into the competition. Some of their other flavors did really well too, just not as well as their chocolate.

They don't even have a fancy name for it, it's simply chocolate ice cream.

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Troy Westendorp, of MOO-ville Creamery:

We still use granulated sugar instead of corn syrup and we are definitely pushing the butter fat a little bit higher than most places. We are about 20-25% higher than most of the competition in butter fat.

He had me at butter fat.

They say the extra butter flavor gives the chocolate ice cream a richer flavor.

MOO-ville Creamery is a family-owned company. They milk 200 cows with robots in Nashville, Michigan. They believe in producing high-quality milk and process it as little as possible. They also bottle their own milk, make their own ice cream, cheese, and butter

If you know me, you know I'm a freaking nut when it comes to ice cream. It's the perfect summer treat...and summer isn't over just yet.

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