Michigan beats Ohio in this top 10 list.  But it's not a good thing.

Before we get to the 10 states where you're most likely to hit a deer and where Michigan is on that list.  Let's talk about a few things you can do to prevent a more serious accident when an animal runs out in front of you.

#1 Hit the brakes but do NOT swerve.  When you swerve to avoid an animal you have far less control of your vehicle.  Not to mention, you're at a much higher risk of hitting trees or on coming vehicles.

#2 Use your high beams.  The reason is obvious.  You're increasing the time you have to react if you see the animal further up the road.

#3 When you're on a highway with multiple lanes drive in the center lane.  This gives you more room and reaction time.

Here are the 10 states with highest rate of accidents involving animals in the fall (2013-2018) according to Farmers Insurance provided by prnewswire.com:

#1  West Virginia

#2  Iowa

#3  Montana

#4  Wisconsin

#5  Pennsylvania

#6  Minnesota

#7  Michigan

#8  Wyoming

#9  Ohio

#10 Arkansas


Be careful out there.  Keep your family and Bambi's family safe this fall.

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