"Because someone didn’t LOOK TWICE an unborn baby will never know his father."

Kristen Leet shared two heartbreaking pictures on her Facebook page this morning, and it should serve as a reminder for all drivers - 'Look twice, save a life.'

The pictures show her 6-year-old nephew Carson and her husband Jason visiting the site of the death of Carson's father, who died two weeks ago in a crash on his motorcycle while he was driving to work.

His bike collided with a semi-truck that had turned into his path at the intersection of Dort and Mt. Morris in Genesee Township on September 4th.

Kyle was 30-years-old and has another child on the way that he'll never get to meet.

Definitely a sobering reminder to focus on the road while driving. This was obviously hard for Kristen to share, but we're so glad that she did.

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