If you have ever had to go to the emergency room, you know that the wait is almost as terrible as the reason you are there. McLaren Flint is launching a new online program they hope will cut down on those wait times. With this new program, patients could make an online appointment for an emergency room visit. The goal is to see patients within 15 to 30 minutes of their appointment time.

When you log online to schedule an appointment through InQuicker, the system knows how quickly you need to see a doctor based on the reason you give for scheduling an appointment. If you type in that you have the flu, it may have you schedule a time for later in the day. If you are having chest pains, InQuicker will tell you to head to the ER immediately.

All you have to do to schedule an appointment is go to the McLaren website and click book an appointment, then fill out the information required and tell them what symptoms you are having.


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