We all love a silly holiday with no real meaning, right? Tomorrow (Monday, April 9th) is National Name Yourself Day according to NationalDayCalendar.com. Sick of hearing people yell your name all day at work? Have you threatened to change your name from Mom one too many times this weekend? Tomorrow is your day! Make your coworkers and family call you whatever name you want!

According to NationalDayCalendar.com, they aren't sure when National Name Yourself Day started, but you are supposed to celebrate your new name tomorrow with #NationalNameYourselfDay on social media.

I'm not sure what I would change my name to if it could be anything. Maybe Princess Consuela Bananahammok?

Maybe my new name wouldn't be that, but it might be fun to test out a new name for a day. If you could change your name to anything, what would it be?


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